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Bishop Samy Fawzy: Bishop Mouneer Hanna is a merchant who invests in the kingdom of God


Dr. Samy Fawzy thanked Bishop Mouneer Hanna, Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Church for his long service in the church, stressing that he is a merchant who invests in fine pearls and gambles his life for that and uses knowledge and skill that makes him ahead of others because true knowledge is the knowledge of Christ.

Bishop Samy added in his homily at the ceremony honoring Archbishop Mouneer: We celebrate the service of Archbishop Mouneer. In the proverb, the merchant who asks for good pearls

He is a merchant with a noble purpose who uses his mind, heart, and energy busy with God’s guidance

completed; Bishop Mouneer was searching, diligent, planning, and spending hard and strenuous work, and he had a specific goal in front of him, wondering what is the goal of your life? Stressing that Archbishop Mouneer devoted his life to service, he is currently working on establishing a Christian-Islamic dialogue center to deepen the dialogue. Perhaps Archbishop Mouneer will talk to you about spiritual and social service, as his goal is specific and valuable.

Bishop Samy stressed: The great goal in life must be great for the sake of God, in order for life to be a true testimony to Christ, stressing that Bishop Mouneer was ready to go to the end of the world in order to achieve his goal despite the problems and difficulties and to know the real gem from the fake.

Bishop Samy explained: This merchant did not expect to find a single jewel that sings about the whole world. Bishop Mouneer lived according to the kingdom of God and was living in the light clearly to others.

Bishop Samy considered that Archbishop Mouneer Hanna sold everything he possessed of knowledge, medicine, fame, and money in order to trade in one pearl, which is the kingdom of God.

The All Saints Cathedral had started its celebrations to serve the honor of Archbishop Mouneer Hanna, where the cathedral lit its lights that are lit in the major celebrations, and over the past two days, it received quite a few archbishops around the world, most notably Archbishop Josia Feron, Secretary-General of the Anglican Communion of Churches in the World, and Justin Baddy, Archbishop South Sudan, President of the Federation of Churches of the Global South, Ezekiel Kondo, Archbishop of Sudan, and Foley Beach, Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America.


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