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As a continuation of the “Together We Plant a Tree of Hope” initiatives


Project students visit the Girls’ Welfare Foundation

Students of the Al-Azhar institutes and the Episcopal School in Menouf participated in a visit to the Girls’ Welfare Foundation in the city of Sers El-Liyan in the Menoufia governorate, as part of the Together We Plant a Tree of Hope project in the city of Menouf, which is carried out in cooperation between the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Egypt and North Africa, the Al-Azhar and the Egyptian Family House “Beit el Aiela el Masria”.

The day included a series of sports activities and painting on murals, in which the children of the Foundation and the children of the project cooperated under the supervision of the professors of the Azhar institutes and the school.

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Farmawy, who attended the Deputy Head of the Central Administration of the Menouf Region at the Ministry of Awqaf, delivered a speech in conjunction with Reverend Michael Milad, patron of the Interfaith Dialogue Committee of the Episcopal/Anglican Church, in which they spoke about the common values ​​among all religions and the meaning of patriotism that resists extremism.

They also stressed that Egypt was heading to a dark path, but it overcame this when its sons, Christians, and Muslims, joined hands and held together in love and peace.


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