Diocese Of Egypt

Archbishop of his successor: Preserve the faith and identity of the Church


Dr. Mouneer Hanna, Archbishop of the Church, welcomed the attendees of the inauguration ceremony of Archbishop Samy Fawzy, who will succeed him as Archbishop of the Church, saying:

Today I proclaim my younger brother, friend, and service companion to become Archbishop of the Diocese of Egypt and Archbishop of Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria.

Bishop Mouneer added: We pray that, by God’s grace, he will complete the church’s mission in serving God and the country, stressing: Since I took charge of the service in the year 2000, I found in him the servant who uses all his talents without reservation to serve the church.

Archbishop Hanna continued: I thank you for helping me, supporting me, and sharing my dreams in serving the Lord

And the Lord blesses you with servants like the servants whom God has blessed me with, adding: You know very well that the bishop bears many responsibilities.

Bishop Hanna continued: We will see in the inauguration service that the most important thing is to preserve the unity of the church and its service, pay attention to education, and protect faith, identity, and teaching.

Pointing out: From my experience as a bishop for 21 years, I see a necessity

Investing in the service team, whether priests or laity, as Christ did throughout his three-year earthly service

Bishop Continued: He did not leave them unless they were able to complete the service of Christ on earth, who was preaching the good news and going about doing a certain good: any bishop or leader had to invest in others.


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