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Archbishop of Canterbury addresses Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam, Israel and Palestinians and climate change in Cairo visit

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said that negotiations are important to solve water disputes over the Nile, calling on the Ethiopian government to ensure fair use of the Renaissance Dam.
Welby held a press conference as part of his visit to Cairo on Friday, ahead of a ceremony to launch the Anglican Province of Alexandria, at All Saints Cathedral in Zamalek.
Palestinians have the right to live fairly without fear of leaving their lands, he said, hoping that Israelis can also live in peace within internationally defined borders. He stressed the need to achieve a peace process, which is essential to achieving justice and security.
On climate change, Welby said that he discussed the challenges ahead in a meeting with religious leaders in Rome a few days ago. He called on political leaders to find solutions and help the poor, adding that religious leaders cannot solve political problems.
He hailed the Anglican church in Egypt, calling it a national church that is working on building hospitals and schools, as well as helping refugees. Anglican churches in other countries have turned their headquarters into COVID-19 vaccination centers where they spread awareness around the pandemic, he said.
Welby added that his church enjoys a strong relationship with the Coptic Orthodox Church, referring to discussions concerning the unification of baptism and hoping to reach an agreement soon.
He believes that the numbers of Christians in some parts of the Middle East have decreased due to conflicts and discrimination. In other parts, Christians live in good conditions as in Egypt and Jordan. In Africa, the situation is complicated, he said, especially within the borders of the newly launched province.
In the Horn of Africa and Gambella, the situation of Christians is fluctuating, he explained, as in Eritrea, where Christians face discrimination, while in other parts, they live a better life.

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