Diocese Of Egypt

Archbishop Mouneer Hanna: The hand of God led me to walk above the waves despite the troubles


Bishop Mouneer Hanna, Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Church, expressed his thanks to God, who guided him throughout the years of service, so he walked over the waves and climbed the mountains despite the troubles and challenges of the service

During his honoring ceremony, the Archbishop thanked his wife, Nancy Morcos, who shared with him the years of church service and his sons Shady and Ramez, adding: Without her presence, I would not have completed the road

In his speech, the bishop referred to the great effort made by Counselor Adly Hussein, Governor of Menoufia, who contributed to restoring the Episcopal School.

Archbishop Mounir praised the service of Bishop Samy Fawzy, stressing that he is the son of the church and will lead it to a bright future thanks to his dedication and love.


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