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Archbishop commenting on the project Hayah Kareema “a decent life”: It will create a huge difference in the Egyptian countryside.


Dr. Samy Fawzy, Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria, praised the project Hayah Kareema “a decent life” to develop the Egyptian countryside, stressing that this initiative will create a boom in the features of the Egyptian countryside by providing a decent life for the neediest community groups at the level of the Republic.

Bishop Samy said that this project, which was adopted by the state when President Sisi called for it at the beginning of 2019, led to the movement of institutions and agencies to unite efforts to launch a national initiative and work to achieve its objectives by providing a decent life for the unable, developing villages and providing all facilities and services in the neediest villages, which is what was known With the project to develop the Egyptian countryside, adding the project puts Egypt in a new chapter of its huge achievements throughout history.

Bishop Samy added: It’s the efforts of the Egyptians and the efforts of the Egyptian state and civil society institutions, this project would not have come to light, stressing that it is victorious for human rights and the whole world will see it.


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