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An Encouraging Story From Harpur, Menouf


In cover photo: Hany, Dr. Kuhn Hong, and a very relieved patient! )

On the 16th of February, we had a young man come in to Harpur Hospital, Menouf with acute abdominal and flank pain. Hany (our radiographer) did a routine ultrasound and found hydronephrosis (a swollen kidney) and a stone in the distal right ureter at UV junction. In the US, we might end the procedure there, and send him back to urologist. But, it was not so for Hany!

He rolled the patient over, so he was laying on his left side, and shook and compressed with a probe. In few minutes, the stone dropped to the floor of the urinary bladder, as you can see in the photo (on right). Then he asked the patient to go to the washroom. The happy patient came back with 7 mm stone on the paper, and the pain had gone away! Hany had made a proper diagnosis and treated the patient without performing any kinds of invasive surgery! I just wanted to share this fascinating story with you…

Story by Dr. Kuhn Hong

Prayer Request:

Please pray for all the nurses, doctors, and staff at Harpur Memorial Hospitals! God is doing a great work in these hospitals, but we are always facing challenges and appreciate your prayers.

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