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Alexandria School of Theology will resume the second semester next Thursday


The Alexandria School of Theology is preparing to resume the second semester next Thursday, corresponding to the tenth of March, in Cairo Governorate.

The college started in an official statement: The study resumes at the Alexandria School of Theology for the four years of study, with a set of subjects, including systematic theology, Hebrew, theology of the Books of Wisdom, early Christian thought, the history of the Medieval Church and the Reformation.

The college had announced the start dates for the study in the Cairo branch on the tenth of this month, in addition to starting in Minya and Alexandria on the third of this month.

The college also provides listening forms for the materials presented in the second semester, by registering on the official website, where these materials are provided without the obligation to attend and take exams, including Hebrew Language Part One, Systematic Theology Part One, Introduction to the Old Testament, Introduction to the Bible, Research Science and Contemporary Church History in addition to for a group of other materials.

The college had set several conditions for admission before the beginning of the academic year, the most important of which is the spiritual criterion, as the applicant must be able to demonstrate spiritual commitment, in addition to the academic criterion, which is the theological skills in writing and oral discussion in order to continue the study, and that the applicant has service standards such as talents Leadership, education, preparation, and care.

It is worth mentioning that the Alexandria School of Theology was established in 2005, where the educational system of the college includes three levels. The first level includes the Central Theological College of the region under the name of “Saint Athanasius” in the governorates of Cairo and Alexandria, and the second level includes the faculties of parishes under the name of St. Cyprian of Theology in Tunisia and the College of St. Fermentius in Gambella, Ethiopia, in addition to the third level, which includes the Minya Center for Theological Studies and the Nuba Mountains Institute For Biblical Studies in Cairo.

The objective of the school of Theology is to train lay ministers and candidates to be priests for the service of the Church as well as an educational entity for theological training, multinational, locations, and levels; It belonged to the Alexandria region of the Episcopal/Anglican Church, taking the ancient name of the Alexandria Theological School to revive the original appellation of Christian education in the First Patriarchate of Africa.

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