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Alexandria School of Theology: classes start mid-September


The Alexandria School of Theology announced the dates for the start of study in the Alexandria branch, on the 16th of September, and the Cairo branch on the 23rd of the same month, in addition to the start of the Minya branch during the last week of September.

The School also continues to receive applications for those wishing to join the college for the academic year 2020/2021, until August 31, in its three branches, Cairo, Alexandria and Minya.

The School has set several conditions for admission, the most important of which is the spiritual criterion. The applicant must be able to demonstrate a spiritual commitment, in addition to the academic criterion, which are the theological skills in writing and oral discussion in order to continue studying. The applicant must have service criteria such as leadership talents, education, and preparation, and care.

Bishop Samy Fawzy, Dean of the Faculty of Theology and Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria confirmed – in a statement – that we accept applicants from any sectarian or theological background, whatever they may be, provided that they have a desire to worship, study and live as part of the college community according to the episcopal tradition, referring to the financial criteria, which includes the student’s ability to pay the tuition fees (2000 EGP annually)

It is worth mentioning that the Alexandria School of Theology was established in 2005 and its objective is to train lay ministers and candidates to be priests for the service of the Church, in addition to being an educational entity for theological training, multinational, locations and levels; It belonged to the Alexandria region of the Episcopal/Anglican Church, taking the ancient name of the Alexandria Theological School to revive the original name of Christian education in the First Patriarchate in Africa.

The Alexandria School of Theology (AST) is a strategic project for the Alexandria region of the Episcopal/ Anglican Church in Egypt. The number of students enrolled in it has reached more than 130 students from diverse backgrounds studying theology in Arabic at the undergraduate level, either with a two-year diploma or a 4-year bachelor’s degree, on campus in Cairo, Alexandria, and Minya branches.


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