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Alexandria School of Theology (AST) ends its annual conference in Alexandria today


AST ended today its annual conference for the faculty members and employees in its three branches in Cairo and Alexandria governorates, and Al-Manya where it was held in Alexandria governorate.
The conference was opened by Bishop Samy Fawzy, Dean of Alexandria school of theology, who opened the conference with prayer and opening speech for the welcome, then included several lectures delivered by the priest Frank Noel on Discipleship and how theology student should become a true student of God by presenting ideas about the shape and characters of a student, and how to apply the theological studies in our practical lives, not just an academic study.
The conference included two lectures and a workshop that included questions about the importance of materials, how they were studied, the college vision over the next ten years and the conference ended with the service of the Holy communion.
The Alexandria school of theology was founded in 2005 and aims to train secular servants and priesthood candidates for the service of the church.
The Alexandria school of theology (AST) is a strategic project of the Alexandria region of the Episcopal/ Anglican Church in Egypt, established in 2005. More than 130 students joined
From various backgrounds, they study Arabic theology at the university level, either on a two-year diploma or a four-year bachelor’s degree, on the campus of the Cairo, Alexandria, and Menya branches.

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