Diocese Of Egypt

Aid to the deaf  families economically affected by Coronavirus


The deaf Unit of the Episcopal /Anglican Church distributed today (Tuesday) food aids to the families of the neediest deaf and those who were economically affected by the disease pandemic of Coronavirus in the Masr el Kadima deaf unit, provided that this service will continue till tomorrow (Wednesday).
On her behalf, Dr. Mary Isaac, director of the deaf unit, said that the distribution of food aids started last April after the church noticed that the economic and material victims of the closure policies increased the suspension of activities because of Coronavirus, which forced us to meet these increasing needs.
She noted that the deaf unit is working to qualify, educate and support the deaf and their parents in sign language, ensuring that the scientific, health, social and economic level is improved and that they can be self-reliant and integrated into society through academic education, vocational training, activities, excursions, and conferences.
The deaf unit was founded in 1982 under the umbrella of the Episcopal/Anglican Church and was named for Social Affairs No. 4014 of 1993.
The service of the Episcopal/Anglican Church began in Egypt in 1815 and the first Episcopal/Anglican Church was established in Alexandria in 1839 when  Muhammad Ali Pasha the ruler of  Egypt at this time gave a piece of land in Alexandria’s Manisha Square for the Episcopal/Anglican Church of St Mark.

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