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Activities to develop the mental perception of children.


Al-Manara School for Children with Disabilities in Menouf, affiliated to the Episcopal/Anglican Church, organized a day to train children to care for plants and harvest what was previously planted of dill, watercress, parsley, and coriander, with the participation of 10 children and under the supervision of teachers to teach children to integrate into collective work, follow up the stages of plant growth and contribute to Care for young plants.

On her behalf, Janet Shamae, Director of the Center, said: Such activities aim to help children learn the principles of science by following the life cycle of plants, which helps them developmental awareness, and give them patience by waiting for the growth of plants and learning how to preserve gardens and green places.

Janet added: The center was keen to achieve social distancing between children in classes and take precautionary measures to avoid transmitting infection, as one class includes only six children, taking into account sterilization of hands and washing them every half hour.

Janet concluded: The children felt happy when they saw what they planted with their hands grow and ripen in front of them, then they collected it and ate it after washing it well.

Al-Manara School for Children with Disabilities in Menouf works to provide educational programs for children with disabilities in the city of Menouf and its surroundings to improve their academic, social, and personal skills, as well as provide support to their parents.

Al-Manara Center for Serving People with Special Needs is a center affiliated to the Episcopal Care Foundation for Social Services (Episcocare), which is the Samaritan’s arm of the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Egypt. The Foundation manages the development and social services centers and institutions of the Episcopal Church in Egypt.

In the year 2003, the Foundation was officially registered with the Ministry of Social Solidarity to support people with special needs and provide them with rehabilitation and education services, after the church noticed the lack of these services in the city of Menouf in the governorate of Menoufia.



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