Diocese Of Egypt

A training program to raise the efficiency of church staff and institutions


The Episcopal/ Anglican Church continues its training program to raise the efficiency of church staff and its various sectors, as the church includes service and social institutions.

On her behalf, Hayam Lamei, head of the church’s human resources department, said that the staff upgrading program included a package of training courses, including the “organizational Behavior” course, which worked to clarify the impact of individual behaviors on the institutional work cycle, in addition to the individual’s role in increasing the effectiveness of the organization.

She added: Some employees were also trained on the foundations and strategies of marketing and how to identify the needs of the client, as the training was directed to the employees of the institutions that deal with the public, pointing out that the Human Resources Department pays special attention to the employees and works to empower them through a package of training programs

It is worth mentioning that the Episcopal/Anglican Diocese of Egypt includes a number of service and social institutions, such as the Service and Education Unit for the Deaf, and the Episco care Foundation, which is the Samaritan’s arm of the church and works in the field of social and economic development, in addition to the Refuge Egypt Foundation to serve refugees and others.


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