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30 graduate students.


The Episcopal/Anglican Church celebrates the graduation of a new batch of students from Alexandria School of Theology and the Nuba Mountains Institute

The Episcopal/Anglican Church celebrated Saturday

The graduation of the thirteenth batch of students from the Alexandria School of Theology in its three branches in Cairo, Alexandria, and Minya, where they obtained a bachelor’s degree, in addition to the graduation of the sixth batch of students from the Nuba Mountains Institute, which includes four students, in the presence of Dr. Sami Fawzy, Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria, Dean of the Alexandria School of Theology and Dr. Ashley Null College Board of Directors at the All Saints Cathedral in Zamalek.

Dr. Sami Fawzy, Archbishop of the Church and Dean of the Faculty of Theology, congratulated the new graduates, saying: The Church needs disciples of the Lord Christ. Servants who avoid and flee from challenges, but show themselves as servants of God in patience, adversity, and tribulation, and know-how to meet evil with good, emphasizing: Disciples are influential in meeting all the challenges facing the church in contemporary society. Therefore, the goal of the Faculty of Theology is to prepare true disciples of the Lord Christ.

In his speech, which began after the graduates’ procession, he added:

My heartfelt congratulations to every graduate today, the Alexandria School of Theology is proud to have contributed to the lives of each alumnus tonight through study, research, learning, participation in classroom dialogues and discussions, community worship, and practical service. “I am confident of this very thing, that he who began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

Fawzi continued: I pray that the coming years in your life will be full of blessings in the care that you provide in all areas of service that the Lord calls you to as you are truly disciples of the Lord Christ, so that you may increase in knowledge and wisdom.

Conon Ashley Null, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the College, said: After all this time of toil, pressure, studying the Bible and discussing theology, you are reaching the end of the journey that God wanted for you, adding: What a great feeling of comfort to walk as Christians according to God’s will for us.

And he continued: Those who were called to serve the Lord did not find an easy way before them, like Elisha, who relied on the Lord throughout his entire journey and chose God amidst confusion and questioning who the true God was.

While the student Peter Karam Yassa presented the speech of the college graduates to the Cairo and Alexandria branch, saying: We are grateful for this journey that God gave us through studying at the Alexandria School of Theology, and we thank God for his faithfulness and his provision of the opportunity for us to be inside the college to study His word and how God dealt with us during the past four years And he added: Special thanks to the college leadership, and although we come from different Christian backgrounds, the college and its direction helped us unite in the word of God.

The student, Andrew Akhnoukh, also delivered a speech from the college graduates to the Minya branch, saying: I would like to thank the Lord for the professors of the Faculty of Theology. We saw their humility and their diligence in conveying the word of God to us during the study. I also thank the Episcopal Church, as I am from Assiut Governorate and I study in the Minya branch. If it were not for the presence of the faculty’s branch in Upper Egypt, we would not have been able to study.

The ceremony included a set of biblical readings with the participation of the praise team, in addition to the distribution of graduation certificates to the students and a special prayer for the graduates.

The ceremony was attended by His Grace Bishop Michael, Dean of the Seminary College in Abbasia, a representative of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria, Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, Ashod Mnatsakanian, the Armenian Orthodox Metropolitan in Egypt, and Reverend Adel Azmy, a representative of His Eminence Bishop Jeremiah, Director of the Coptic Cultural Center.

The ceremony concluded with a prayer for the Alexandria School of Theology, for Egypt and the world, and for the sick and the grieving.


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