Diocese Of Egypt

1 Corinthians 6


Unfortunately, it has become a normal thing today for a brother to sue his brother for the inheritance, for a sister to quarrel with her brother over money, for a son to sue his father for the property.

When the Apostle Paul wrote his letter, he was addressing the Greeks, who used to sue each other in the courts, even though the judicial system was often unfair. What puzzles the Apostle Paul is the lukewarm love of many. How they sue each other before the courts! How could they wrong each other while they are brothers in the body of the Lord (verse 8)? How did they justify for themselves theft, adultery, covetousness, and kidnapping (verse 10)? Do we still suffer from these things in our families or our church?

Lord, protect me from greed and lust; teach me to act wisely, to walk in love, to face problems with kindness, and to live in your obedience and fear. Amen


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