Youth Conference in Alexandria

Bait El Salam and El Agamy recently hosted a youth conference in Alexandria from Thursday, June 14th to Monday, June 18th. The leader of the conference was Ramez Bekheet, a member of the Diocese of Egypt’s Youth Committee. Roughly 130 youth attended the conference, called “Discover, Invest, and Start”. The conference was focused on helping the attendees discover their strengths and hobbies that God has blessed them with. They also discussed why God has given them such gifts, and how to make good use of them for the His glory. The conference included discussions, lectures, times of worship, fun activities, and three services, including Holy Communion.

Youth from churches in Old Cairo, El Salam, Giza, Ezbet El Nakhl, Port Said, as well as members of sports teams from Port Said and Banha, attended the youth conference.



Youth Ministry organizes “It is your day” for Youth

On February 2nd, the youth ministry organized “It is your day” event to all youths across the Diocese in Egypt. The event used sports and drama to preach to them, and also to discover their talents. In this event, most churches participated in the program. The program included spiritual time as well as time of fellowship and sports. In the football competition, St. Mark in Menouf youth took the lead. The spiritual message, “Who is Christ for you?”, encouraged the attendees to be aware of the idols in their lives. There were 265 participants in the event which took place in “Christ the Light of the World Church”.

Deaf Youth Clean and Beautify a Street in Old Cairo

As part of the “Together We Develop Egypt” project, a group of fifty deaf young adults, including both Christians and Muslims, participated in cleaning, painting, and beautifying Amro Street in Old Cairo. The project aimed to encourage youth to work together in community projects. The deaf youth were responsible for choosing this specific project. They first had a time of learning and planning, and then they began the work, which took roughly one month to complete. Amro Street was of particular interest to the deaf youth, because it is where the deaf church, the deaf school, and the deaf club are located. One of the oldest Anglican churches and a mosque also share the street.

“Together We Develop Egypt” is a project of the Episcopal/Anglican Diocese of Egypt in partnership with Misr El Kheir Foundation (an Islamic foundation chaired by the former Grand Mufti of Egypt). Thirteen groups of young adults in seven provinces are participating in this project. Some started literacy classes, while others developed a mobile library for children. Another group focused on planting trees in their village. The aim of the project is to bring religious harmony between Christian and Muslim youth, and instill the spirit of belonging, community, and a desire to build Egypt.

Yesterday we celebrated the opening of Amro street after it was cleaned and renovated. Dr. Ali Gomaa, the former Grand Mufti, together with Minister Ahmed Gameladine, the advisor for President Sisi, and Bishop Mouneer visited the street and encouraged the youth. After a tour of the street, the group went into Jesus Light of the World Anglican Church. They learned more about the details of the project, and some of the deaf youth sang in sign language. Many media outlets were interested in the event, and it was later featured on the news. Click here to view one of news reports.


All Saints Youth Retreat

The All Saints Cathedral hosted a youth retreat for the Arabic congregation in Zamalek. The retreat was geared toward inspiring and encouraging the youth of the church in their faith. Twenty-five youth attended. Together, they studied the Old Testament, and focused especially on the book of Genesis. Another important theme of the retreat was the future, and how to plan for their future in a Godly way. One highlight of the retreat was an interview with Bishop Mouneer. The youth were able to ask him about his vision, and hear about his testimony. Bishop Mouneer told them about his calling from God about being a bishop, his ministry in Menouf, and his vision for the future of the church in Egypt. This time together was very encouraging to the youth. They were able to have a time of fun and fellowship together, while also learning more about the church, the Bible, and how to grow in their faith.