Clergy gathering in their Annual Retreat

Last Tuesday, 6th of February, Bishop Mouneer H. Anis along with Rt. Rev. Dr. John Chew, the former Bishop of Singapore, led the clergy of the Diocese in Egypt in their annual retreat. The main theme was “The shepherd and the congregation”. The retreat included 5 lectures, time of fellowship and prayers. In the retreat, Rev. Dr. John lectured on shepherding through a quick scan of both testaments; starting from the gospel, going back and forth to OT and NT, then ending with Revelation. The retreat took place in Anaphora till Thursday the 8th of November.

“We need to read Psalms 22 “God, God, Why have You forsaken me!” before reading Psalms 23 “The Lord is my Shepherd” to discover the depth of sacrifice of the good shepherd, He gave Himself for us” Rev. Dr. John’s closing statement.


All Saints Youth Retreat

The All Saints Cathedral hosted a youth retreat for the Arabic congregation in Zamalek. The retreat was geared toward inspiring and encouraging the youth of the church in their faith. Twenty-five youth attended. Together, they studied the Old Testament, and focused especially on the book of Genesis. Another important theme of the retreat was the future, and how to plan for their future in a Godly way. One highlight of the retreat was an interview with Bishop Mouneer. The youth were able to ask him about his vision, and hear about his testimony. Bishop Mouneer told them about his calling from God about being a bishop, his ministry in Menouf, and his vision for the future of the church in Egypt. This time together was very encouraging to the youth. They were able to have a time of fun and fellowship together, while also learning more about the church, the Bible, and how to grow in their faith.