Confirmation of 33 New Members at Epiphany Church in Port Said

Bishop Mouneer recently confirmed thirty-three new members at the Epiphany Church during his visit to Port Said in November. All of those who were confirmed had attended the church for at least one year or more. Before confirmation, the members had a course of confirmation lessons, and were required to complete the Alpha course. They also studied the book “A Church I Believe In,” which covers the four basics of Anglican faith and identity. All of the members also played an active role in serving the church before their confirmation.

While he was there, Bishop Mouneer also attended one of the weekly family meetings. During this meeting, he spoke about being transformed to better reflect the image of Christ. Attendance of these meetings has grown rapidly; now fifty-five families are part of these meetings every week at the Epiphany Church in Port Said.

Please pray for the new members of the Epiphany Church. Pray that they would continue to grow in Christ, and reflect His love to all those in their church and in their community.

A Growing Church in Port Said

Bishop Mouneer writes about his visit to the Church of the Epiphany in Port Said “My pastoral visit to our church in Port Said was encouraging and joyful. 30 new members were confirmed. The Holy Spirit works!”

This church, led by Rev Hany Shenouda, has grown rapidly over recent years. Over 300 people come to the services each week, and there is a ministry among the poor, youth and children’s work and healing services. The church building, building in 1885 following the opening of the Suez Canal, is not big enough for the growing congregation. In March, a group of engineers from IDD will visit and spend a week creating an architectural design for new facilities.

Port Said has experienced a lot of unrest and instability over the past 3 years. In 2012, 79 people died after a football game.Pray for Rev. Hany and the congregation as they seek to serve the community around them.

Port Said Church