Anglican Relief and Development Fund Global Council Meeting

ARDF Global Council Meeting

9 October 2018


Last week, All Saints Cathedral hosted three incredible conferences in the All Saints Garden Conference Center, the first of which was the Anglican Relief and Development Fund’s (ARDF) Global Council Meeting!

We welcomed several members from the ARDF staff and Global Council leaders from around the world. At this meeting, the Global Council reviewed and celebrated the work of the Lord through 11 completed projects! These projects were carried out in 8 countries across Africa, South America, and Asia. The Council also reviewed and approved 6 new projects, one of which is a partnership with the Diocese of Egypt to support the Vocational School in Giza! We were especially excited to host the meeting this year, as this is the first year of ARDF Egypt. The Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa is thrilled to be partnering with Anglicans around the world to demonstrate the love of Christ and spread the Gospel through our ongoing and increased partnership with ARDF.

Please pray for the global work of ARDF, and especially for the work of ARDF Egypt and the Vocational School in Giza. Pray that God would work through this school to equip young people with important vocational skills to improve their own lives and to continue to develop Egypt.

To partner with us in the work God is doing in Egypt and around the world, visit Our Website.

Medical Outreaches in Egypt

From January –30 November 2013, 4,862 people were examined during 34 medical outreaches in rural villages in the Nile Delta and slum areas in Cairo and Alexandria. Each outreach is different depending on the needs of the local community. The services offered by doctors from Harpur Memorial Hospital in Menouf include: dental, dermatology, gynaecology, internal medicine, paediatrics, pharmacy, ophthalmology, surgery.

Medical outreach 2013 (2)

The Diocese of Singapore and it’s cathedral, St  Andrew’s, donated the medical bus in 2010.  In 2013, Harpur Memorial Hospital in Menouf worked in partnership with Misr el Kheir (an NGO chaired by the former Grand Mufti of Egypt) and the Embassy of Ireland. Because of increased donor support, the number of outreaches and people served has increased.

Medical outreach

Most of these outreaches are in villages which are Muslim, and the medical outreaches help build bridges between Muslims and Christians. One doctor shares “In November, we did a medical outreach for the first time in a village called Tamalay in Menoufia. As the doctors got out of the cars, there was a group of teenage boys who were shouting insults at them. As they examined patients at the temporary clinic set up in a school in this Muslim village, the boys were shouting and singing songs insulting Christians, making provocative statements about the recent attacks on churches in Egypt. As we finished the clinic, the elders of the village thanked us for coming. They told us the medical service was so needed in the village, and they wanted us to keep coming. As the doctors were leaving, one of the doctors said to the teenagers “study well as we want you to become doctors so you can serve the people of your village.” The teenage boys, who had been so insulting, said to her “please don’t stop coming.” The doctor was so moved by this change in their attitudes.”

For more information, see the attached report.

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