Prayer request for our Gambella churches following violence in South Sudan

A prayer request from Bishop Grant LeMarquand

Violence has broken out in South Sudan. There has apparently been an attempted coup in Juba which was put down. Several hundred people have been killed, and retaliation for killings has erupted all over the eastern part of the country.

One of the factors in the recent South Sudan troubles is the rivalry between 2 ancient enemies, the Nuer and the Dinka. Here just over the border in Ethiopia our Anglican churches have both Dinka (a few) and Nuer (a large number). I was visited today by 5 of my Nuer clergy all of whom are very concerned about the safety of one of the Dinka clergy in Gambella. There have been threats and they thought it would be better if we could get this man (who, though a Dinka) is the pastor of a Nuer congregation near the South Sudan border. I had also been worried about him and their concern confirmed that action was needed, so today he is being sent to a neutral location and clergy shifted around to cover the gap. I thank God for these men who showed such concern. Please pray for the priest and his family.

Pray for peace, reconciliation and that people on both sides realize that an eye for an eye will only leave everyone blind.