Brand New Nursing School Building in Menouf

On Sunday, 9 December, we celebrated the opening of a brand-new nursing school building in Menouf! This beautiful building will allow for expanded educational opportunities for nurses-in-training at Harpur Memorial Hospital, Menouf. We are thrilled to be able to equip these nurses to serve their patients with excellence, as many of the nurses previously working in the hospital had no formal medical training.

The ceremony was filled with gratitude to the Lord for his faithfulness, and the school is truly a testimony to the steadfastness of the Lord and the commitment of His servants in Menouf.

Mrs. Rebecca Thompson, co-founder of the nursing school, gave a short speech in which she shared a bit of the nursing school’s history. Bishop Mouneer gave a short talk in which he praised the dedication of the nurses: “I asked some of the nurses, would you like to be doctors? And they said “No! We want to be nurses.” This is wonderful. It it so important to have people who are proud to be nurses, because we need good nurses!”

Mrs. Rebecca Thompson spoke of the Lord’s faithfulness over the last 10 years!

            We are so grateful to Embrace the Middle East (representative pictured here with the nursing students) and other partners for their support in bringing about this dream.



(Left) We also had the opportunity to honor and pray for the architects, contractors, and engineers of the project. We thank these men for all the hard work they put into the new building.


At the end of the ceremony, we celebrated with cake and toured the beautiful new building! (Pictures below)




Great Classroom Space!

A truly hands-on approach to learning will help these nurses be well-equipped for the medical field.

Brand-new computer lab!


Please pray for:

  • The Nurses-in-training: that God would equip their hearts and minds with the perseverance and focus to complete their schooling!
  • All the staff and faculty of the nursing school and the hospital, especially Nurse Rachel (director of the nursing school) and Dr. Samir, director of the hospital.