Youth Ministry organizes “It is your day” for Youth

On February 2nd, the youth ministry organized “It is your day” event to all youths across the Diocese in Egypt. The event used sports and drama to preach to them, and also to discover their talents. In this event, most churches participated in the program. The program included spiritual time as well as time of fellowship and sports. In the football competition, St. Mark in Menouf youth took the lead. The spiritual message, “Who is Christ for you?”, encouraged the attendees to be aware of the idols in their lives. There were 265 participants in the event which took place in “Christ the Light of the World Church”.

Arabic Congregation Candlelight Service

Last Sunday, on December 17th, the Diocese of Egypt held an Arabic candlelight service in All Saints Cathedral. This is the first year that the All Saints Arabic congregation held a candlelight service. Even though it was the first time, almost one hundred people attended. All the attendees received a lighted candle. During the service, different prophecies about Jesus from the Old Testament were read, and attendees were also able to learn more about how He came to earth on Christmas and fulfilled those prophecies through the New Testament lessons. Between each lesson and prophecy, the attendees also sung traditional Christmas songs. They were led in song by the All Saints Cathedral choir.








The Diocese seeks to care for its employees spiritually, so they also held a similar Arabic candlelight service and time of fellowship for all of the staff during their Monday staff meeting.