A new website for the Egypt Diocesan Association

The new website of the Egypt Diocesan Association

Click on the image above to visit the new EDA website

In 1889 the Revd Douglas M Thornton, a missionary from the Church Mission Society, was involved in establishing the Anglican Church in Egypt. Over 100 years later his great-grandson Douglas J Thornton, a committee member of the Egypt Diocesan Association (EDA), taught himself web design and set up the EDA website. Doug has been maintaining it ever since, but has decided  “it is about time to hand over our site to a professional”.

With the assistance of Small Beginnings, the EDA has a new website which includes

  • Some fascinating history of early evangelisation in Egypt, the Diocese, the Cathedral and much more
  • More images
  • Search facilities
  • Online membership application
  • Easy to read
  • Ability to browse on your PC, laptop or any mobile devices
  • Ability to subscribe to receive news and updates
  • Has all the links you need to stay in touch with the Diocese and its different ministries
  • Links with other useful websites.

The Diocese is extremely grateful for the work of the EDA, who support the churches and ministries across the Diocese through prayer, visits and financial support.

We are changing how we publish our newsletters

With recent changes to our website, we have decided to change how we send out our regular Diocesan Newsletter.  In the past, we created a document (usually a PDF file) and then sent it out to a newsletter mailing list. Since the launch of the new diocese website, we have decided to distribute the Diocesan Newsletter as well as news items from other ministries around the diocese electronically.

The Diocesan Newsletter will continue to be published both on the website and to our email distribution list, but it will be in a web-based format not as a PDF. We hope that the new format will help you to share the newsletter with family, friends and colleagues more easily.

If you are not on the distribution list but would like to recieve our e-newsletters, please click the button below and sign-up.

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Making a PDF from the newsletter

(or any other news post or page in the website)

We know that many of our supporters like to print and share our newsletters. You can create PDFs to share with friends, family, colleagues and churches by….

First, go to the newsletter on the diocese website

Look down towards the bottom of the page and you will see a small button that has a little printer icon and a PDF icon on it


Click on this print/PDF button and you will be offered either to print the article/newsletter/post/page straight to your printer, or to create a PDF file and save it to your computer.