Opening of “All Saints Music School”

On Friday, February 9th at 11:00 a.m, All Saints Cathedral choir opened the music school which teaches about “praise from the biblical point of view” with the use of instruments; Piano, Guitar, Drums and Lute, in the presence of Bishop Mouneer. The number of students exceeds 60 coming from all churches across the diocese. The opening included some introductory sessions, time of fellowship, vision sharing and prayers. In his motivating speech, Bishop Mouneer remembered his late friend, John, who shared his dream years ago. Let us pray for the success of the school and the use of those students in a spiritual revival in Egypt.

Choir on SAT-7

Tomorrow, on Tuesday January 16th, the choir will host a program called “We Will Sing Again” live on TV on channel SAT-7. More than 5 million people generally watch this channel, which hosts choirs and worship leaders. 13 members of the All Saints Cathedral choir will be there. The program will begin at 9pm, and we encourage you to watch! The episode is about worship and music. They will also be talking about how to give thanks to God.

Christmas Carols Concert

On Thursday, December 28, the All Saints Cathedral choir hosted a Christmas carols concert. This concert was free and open to the public.  About 100 people attended, including many children. The audience enjoyed a selection of Christmas carols and beautiful music from our talented choir. Bishop Mouneer gave a brief address, and different members of the choir took turns speaking throughout the concert. During some of the songs, children from the deaf school joined the choir on stage, and signed along to the music. At the end, Santa Claus came to give presents to the children in the audience.

To view the live stream of the concert, visit the link here.

National Television Interviews Our Choir

After hearing about our wonderful musicians and hearing our choir singing carols on Christmas Eve, Channel One on National Television invited our choir for an interview. The interview took place on December 25, from 4-5 o’clock. Eight members of the group took part in the interview: Monica Emil, Dalia Reda, James Elia, Randy Hany, Moudy Fawzy, Maged Shafek, Hoda Samy, and Ezat Ragy

The host began the interview by speaking to Bishop Mouneer on the phone. She asked Bishop Mouneer about his hopes for the coming new year. He responded that his hopes and prayers are that God would protect Egypt from terrorism and potential violence. He said that he hopes for new investments in Egypt. Finally, Bishop Mouneer also mentioned that like Jesus Christ, who also lived in Egypt at one point, we need to be more like Him and share love and peace with the other people that we are living with.

The interviewer asked Hoda about the main purpose of the choir, and about its activities. Hoda mentioned that the choir included more people than just those present. She said that the main purpose of the choir is so that those who are gifted in singing and playing musical instruments can use their gifts to praise God for His glory. She also said that their two main events are the Christmas and Easter concerts. The host also asked about how the choir practices. Hoda told her about the trainings they had every Monday, regardless of whether or not there was an upcoming event.  Ezat also spoke about how the choir is used to worship God and bring joy to those listening. Christmas is a time of year that brings joy, the same type of joy that a newborn baby brings. At Christmas, however, the baby is not just any baby, but the King of Kings.

The group performed the song “Lord I Lift Your Name on High”, and discussed how they sometimes sang songs that have been translated from English. They also sang an Arabic song. The title translates to “Oh Lord, Fulfill My Heart’s Desire.” Then they played Jingle Bells.

The interviewer asked Hoda and Ezat about the differences between new and modern songs. Hoda discussed the differences, both in the types of words that were used, and the instruments, as well as how both old songs and modern songs still have the same aim; to praise God. Ezat talked about how we still use old songs, mostly because they fill the hearts of the older generations with joy. Ezat said that modern songs are more suited to the youth.

The group played another song, “Marvelous Lord Jesus”, and then the episode switched to interviews of people who attended the Christmas Eve service at All Saints Cathedral.