Bishop Mouneer’s Visit to Baghdad

At the invitation of Bishop Michael Lewis, the Bishop of Cyprus and Gulf, Bishop Mouneer Anis,the president Bishop of the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East, visited St George’s Anglican Church in Baghdad, Iraq, in December. Bishop Mouneer writes:

“I went to Baghdad to encourage the faithful however they encouraged me so much. It is so encouraging to see the hand of God working in very difficult situation. In the middle of strict security, frequent explosions and blood shedding, the people of Baghdad are hungry to hear the word of God.


St. George’s Church witness to the love of God by word and deed. The congregation fills the church at Sunday service. The church serves the community in such a wonderful way. Attached to the church an excellent kindergarten and a wonderful clinic. The Mothers Union are so active in the church as well as the community services.Bishop Mouneer visit to Iraq (2)

It was a real joy to visit St. George poly clinic, in Baghdad. It was a surprise to find that there is a special clinic for treatment using Stem Cells. All patients receive free treatment. Canon Andrew White founded this clinic and fundraises to cover its expenses. The Lord provides all the needs. It was exciting to examine two patients during my visit!

Sadly there were several explosions in Baghdad in the last few days. I pray for the families who lost their loved ones and for healing of the injured. We thank God for protection and thanks to our guards who joined me everywhere.

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During my visit to Baghdad I and Bishop Michael Lewis were received by the Shia Leader Ayatollah Hussein El Sader . We talked about the love of God and how it moves us to love others. We also discussed the Good Samaritan parable.

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We also met the Vice President of Iraq today he said that the immigration of Christians from Iraq is like taking the most beautiful colours of a painting out of it. He asked that we should encourage Iraqi Christians to stay on because they are peace makers and their message is God’s love.

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Nancy and I are so grateful to Bishop Michael and Mrs. Julia Lewis, Canon Andrew White, Rev. Fayez Jerjes and the staff of St. George’s, Baghdad for their great hospitality.”