New Prayer Diary for the Diocese of Egypt

Dear Friends of the Diocese of Egypt,

Happy New Year!

At the start of the new year, we wish to thank the Lord for what He has done with us so far; and to ask Him to bless us to be Christ-like in all what we do according to His will. Please join us in prayers. The new prayer diary for the Diocese of Egypt, from January to June 2018, will guide you with the prayer requests for the different ministries. Let us take time to pray for those wonderful ministries.

Thanks for all your prayers. That what keeps us going.

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Boulaq Center celebrates Christmas with the poor and the widows

On Wednesday 3rd of January, Bishop Mouneer along with Boulaq Center Team celebrated Christmas with the poor families and the widows. More than 125 ladies, of which more than 70 are widows, and around 70 children attended the celebration. The celebration started by words of prayers led by the Bishop. “What does Christmas mean? Why did Jesus come to earth?” was his message to the ladies. Afterwards, Bishop Mouneer honored 4 volunteers help in the center; Mariam Gaballa, Samira Masoud, Nema Shafik and Madona Samy. Because of their gratitude, Bishop Mouneer was surprised by “Thank You” gift from Mario, a blind child sponsored by Boulaq Center. At the end of the celebration, Christmas gifts were distributed to the families and the children.

Let us pray for the center as they do the good work of the Lord. Let us also pray for;

  • Heba’s family as her son recently became a drug addict after very difficult situations he encountered.
  • Marline, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer after being married for just few months.
  • Catherine and Beshara, a couple who were diagnosed to have Hepatitis C. This recent discovery will affect their work opportunities and their treatment costs 500 L.E. per month, more than what they can afford.

Prayer Request from St. Antony’s in Ain Shams

Dear Friends,

I wish to thank the Lord for His work in my congregation. Though my church is located in one of the poorest areas in Cairo, the members were able to save most of the money needed, four times their annual collection, to buy a large screen needed by different ministries of the Church. They also started to support our Church in Gambella obeying Our Lord’s command for the great commission. Please pray for their continuing growth and for God’s blessing for them as they bless others as well.

Rev. Emad Basilios

Primacy election in the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East

The Synod of the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East met in Amman, Jordan on 16-17 May 2017.  Archbishop Mouneer Hanna Anis, the outgoing Primate, invited The Right Revd Tim Dakin, the Bishop of Winchester, to open the Synod with prayer and reflection.  He led a Bible study on the subject of servant apostles using Ephesians 3, in preparation for the election of a new Primate.

The Synod, after prayerful discernment, reached a unanimous decision to elect Archbishop Suheil Dawani of the Diocese of Jerusalem as the next Primate of the Province from 17 May 2017 for a period of two and a half years ending on 16 November 2019, to be followed by Bishop Michael Lewis of the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf as the Primate of the Province from 17 November 2019 for a period of two and a half years ending on 16 May 2022.

We congratulate both Archbishop Suheil and Bishop Michael on their appointments, and we give thanks for Archbishop Mouneer’s service as our Primate since 2007.  We also give thanks to Bishop Tim Dakin for his gracious contribution.

The Synod appointed The Revd Dr Albert Walters as the Vicar General for the Diocese of Iran for a six month period.

The Synod also elected Mrs Georgia Katsantonis as the Provincial Secretary and Mr Ehab Edward as the Provincial Treasurer.

Please uphold the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East in your prayers.

Urgent Prayer Request from Egypt

While Egypt is not typically known for excess rains, this week many parts of the country suffered severe flooding due to the torrential downpours over much of the Delta Region. Alexandria has experienced deadly flash flooding which has overwhelmed its drainage systems.

In Sadat City, Harpur Memorial Hospital has suffered acute losses to a store of medical supplies. These supplies were stocked in a basement which flooded, ruining the supplies, as well as electrical systems, the walls, and paint. Furthermore, sterilizers, laundry machines, and generators were submerged. Currently work is being done to ensure that when power returns there will be no further damage caused by these waterlogged machines. Total losses are estimated at $15,250 USD.

The Sadat City Harpur Memorial Hospital brings much-needed basic healthcare to the city and the surrounding villages and for two days, the hospital has had serious difficulty seeing patients.

Your prayers for the ongoing cleanup operation and repairs to the building are much needed.

Flooded basement

Flooded basement

Spoilt medical supplies

Ruined medical supplies

Removal of water, note original water-level on walls.

Removal of water, note original water-level on walls