Gusour Cultural Center

My dear friends,
As I look back at 2017, I found that our Gusour (Bridges) Cultural Center has served 1,773 people. The vast majority of these are young adults, both Muslim and Christian. Those young adults participated in 40 different cultural events and workshops in the areas of photography, art, and sign language. There was also a monthly cinema club during which they showed films. They also held musical concerts. I am so encouraged by this, because All Saints has become so open to the community and engaging with all members of the community.

New Confirmation in the Sudanese Congregation of All Saints Cathedral

On Sunday December 31st, the Sudanese Congregation were blessed with new members; group of 12 were confirmed including a mother, 8 young men and 3 ladies, and 16 were baptized including 5 youths and 11 children. The new members were discipled by Dani  Missangwa, lay minister in the Sudanese Congregation, for two months. In the discipleship program, the new members learned about the fundamentals of our Christian faith as well as the Anglican church.

Please pray for our new members as they start a new chapter of their lives with the new year, as well as, their ministers who took responsibility in their faith journey; Dani Missangwa, Josef Philip, Nakosi, Rev. Yasser and Bishop Mouneer H. Anis.

Employees Christmas Party

For the first time of in the history of the Diocese, Christmas party was held for all the employees in all institutions of the Diocese across Egypt on Tuesday 26th December. The Diocese believes that we are one team with different roles, each completes the other like a puzzle. Therefore it was important to invest in time of fellowship and prayers. The celebration started by a warm “Thank you” speech from Bishop Mouneer and ended by lunch. In between, the program contained fun activities and nice carols.  Let us pray for our employees, who exceed 250, as they start their new year reaching out to to the community according to God’s will.

Terror Attack on St. Mina Church in Helwan

Responding to the terror attack on St. Mina Church in Helwan, which left ten dead and many people injured, the Bishop of Egypt, Mouneer Anis, has said he is “deeply saddened” by the “cowardly terrorist” attack. Bishop Mouneer convicted the attack asking everyone to pray for the families who lost their loved and the injured. 

Bishop Mouneer gave thanks to the national security and the policemen who showed great courage in fighting the attack. “It would have been much worse if it wasn’t for our brave policemen”

Let us pray for protection and safety in Egypt.


Prison Ministry Team Leads prisoners in Christmas Service

In obedience to our Lord’s command in Matthew 25, the prison ministry team along with Bishop Mouneer and some clergy visited the prisoners and led them in a Christmas service on Wednesday the 27th of December. Afterwards, the team organized a party for them allowing them to feel some of the joy the season brings. Let us remember the prisoners and their families in our prayers as we are celebrating this wonderful time of the year.


To see the reflection of the local press, please click here.

31 from the Sudanese Congregation Complete Discipleship Course

On 15 September, 31 members of the All Saints Cathedral Sudanese congregation graduated from their discipleship course and received their completion certificates. The goal of the course was to prepare effective disciplines of Jesus. The last time that this discipleship course was held was three years ago. This year, the discipleship course lasted from 16 August to 5 September. The group of students was divided into two different groups: level one and level two. The two groups studied many different topics, some together and some apart. The topics included studying the Bible, spiritual growth, spiritual gifts, dealing with temptation, spiritual warfare, and, of course, discipleship. They were also taught practical skills such as how to worship, how to preach, counseling, and effective communication.

Before their graduation ceremony, the participants had a one-night retreat, where the discussed subjects such as strategic planning, submission to authority, excellence in serving God, and the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. Bishop Mouneer spoke at their graduation. He talked about the importance of discipleship, and encouraged the graduates on this next step of their spiritual journey.

Please join us in praying for the graduates of the discipleship course. Pray that they would continue to serve God and grow in their knowledge, and that they would be able to well-utilize the skills that they learned through the course.

The Anglican Church takes part in “Ministry skills” Conference

The Anglican clergy participated in the “Ministry Skills” Conference held by discipleship committee of Egypt Council of Churches. The conference was aimed at increasing the capacity of the ministers as they face challenging situations. The conference was attended by leaders of 45 churches from the five denominations; the Coptic Orthodox, the Catholic, Greek Orthodox, the Presbyterian and the Anglican. The conference was held on the 18th and 19th December in Shobra El-Khaima where all the clergy had a time of fellowship. The attendees were able to hear about the updates from other churches through the representatives Father Bishoy, Father Gamil, Father Yousef, Pastor Refaat and Rev. Yashou of the Orthodox, Catholic, Rome Orthodox, Presbyterian and Anglican church respectively. There were 4 lectures per day. Bishop Mouneer spoke about “Time- Management”. The Catholic church led the clergy in a new methodology for “Conflict resolution”. The Orthodox church conveyed a message about “Leading with a servant-hood attitude”.


Gusour Culture Center hosts drum circle on January 5th

Gusour Culture Center invites you to play some percussion with Mostafa Bakkar . Come and try a new experience of getting rid of your negative energy and having some fun instead.

Fri – Jan 5 – at 7 PM
Ticket : 30 LE. On door

Facebook event: Drum Circle at Gusour
Location: All Saints Cathedral; 5 Michel Lutfallah Street, behind Mariott hotel, Zamalek.

For more info call :
Gusour Cultural Center : 01012226710

Gusour Culture Center hosts film screening on Saturday 30th December

Gusour Culture Center is happy to invite you to watch the “Odd life of Timothy Green” on Saturday the 30th of December. The movie demonstrates the struggle of a couple unable to have children who decided to bury all their dreams of having one in their backyard. To their surprise, Timothy grew from their own buried dreams to change their lives and the life of their community for good. The film will be followed by a discussion. The film is translated to Arabic.

Free Admission

Kids Friendly

Facebook Event: Film Screening “Odd life of Timothy Green”

Date: Saturday 30th December

Time: 5:00 pm

Location: All Saints Cathedral


Gusour Culture Center celebrates the success of “Story-telling” Workshop

Gusour Culture Center celebrated the  success of “Story-telling” Workshop for the second time on the 16th of December. The workshop talks mainly about breaking boundaries through expressing them in a story; boundaries like religious boundaries, fear of speaking to public  and social class differences. Each workshop was conducted in four sessions, each 4 hours long for 28 participants all together. During the final celebration, a modeling performance was presented by all the participants. The story shared was a personal story aiming to break the boundaries in the areas mentioned earlier. Each performance attracted many attendees, to reach 80 in each.

One of the encouraging stories was told by a cancer survival who overcome her disease through helping other ladies suffering from cancer. Another heart breaking story was shared by Amal who spoke about loosing her younger brother and her best friend.

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