Choir on SAT-7

Tomorrow, on Tuesday January 16th, the choir will host a program called “We Will Sing Again” live on TV on channel SAT-7. More than 5 million people generally watch this channel, which hosts choirs and worship leaders. 13 members of the All Saints Cathedral choir will be there. The program will begin at 9pm, and we encourage you to watch! The episode is about worship and music. They will also be talking about how to give thanks to God.

Gosour Cultural Center Participates in “The Unstoppable”

This Friday, Gusour Cultural Center is partnering with Cairo Runners in The Unstoppable Run!

Gusour’s vision is to provide opportunities for all society members of all cultural backgrounds to build bridges of understanding, acceptance, and cooperation through art and cultural activities.

One of the goals of Gusour culture Center is to help the deaf and the hearing impaired to integrate with the society by organizing Egyptian sign-language courses which enable the trainees to deal with the deaf community in their own language. These courses also cover the nature of the deaf people, types of deafness, the problems of the deaf and their relation with the society.

The program will start by an introduction at 7 AM in El-Sawy Cultural Wheel. Running will start at 7: 30 AM to 8:30AM around Zamalek area for 4 KM with the deaf community. Enjoy learning about the deaf culture and the sign language at 8:30 AM at El-Sawy where Gusour will represent awareness session about “The Deaf in Egypt”. You are welcome to join any part of the day for free.

See you all on Friday!

New Prayer Diary for the Diocese of Egypt

Dear Friends of the Diocese of Egypt,

Happy New Year!

At the start of the new year, we wish to thank the Lord for what He has done with us so far; and to ask Him to bless us to be Christ-like in all what we do according to His will. Please join us in prayers. The new prayer diary for the Diocese of Egypt, from January to June 2018, will guide you with the prayer requests for the different ministries. Let us take time to pray for those wonderful ministries.

Thanks for all your prayers. That what keeps us going.

Click here to get the prayer diary. 

Gusour Cultural Center

My dear friends,
As I look back at 2017, I found that our Gusour (Bridges) Cultural Center has served 1,773 people. The vast majority of these are young adults, both Muslim and Christian. Those young adults participated in 40 different cultural events and workshops in the areas of photography, art, and sign language. There was also a monthly cinema club during which they showed films. They also held musical concerts. I am so encouraged by this, because All Saints has become so open to the community and engaging with all members of the community.

New Confirmation in the Sudanese Congregation of All Saints Cathedral

On Sunday December 31st, the Sudanese Congregation were blessed with new members; group of 12 were confirmed including a mother, 8 young men and 3 ladies, and 16 were baptized including 5 youths and 11 children. The new members were discipled by Dani  Missangwa, lay minister in the Sudanese Congregation, for two months. In the discipleship program, the new members learned about the fundamentals of our Christian faith as well as the Anglican church.

Please pray for our new members as they start a new chapter of their lives with the new year, as well as, their ministers who took responsibility in their faith journey; Dani Missangwa, Josef Philip, Nakosi, Rev. Yasser and Bishop Mouneer H. Anis.

Employees Christmas Party

For the first time of in the history of the Diocese, Christmas party was held for all the employees in all institutions of the Diocese across Egypt on Tuesday 26th December. The Diocese believes that we are one team with different roles, each completes the other like a puzzle. Therefore it was important to invest in time of fellowship and prayers. The celebration started by a warm “Thank you” speech from Bishop Mouneer and ended by lunch. In between, the program contained fun activities and nice carols.  Let us pray for our employees, who exceed 250, as they start their new year reaching out to to the community according to God’s will.

Terror Attack on St. Mina Church in Helwan

Responding to the terror attack on St. Mina Church in Helwan, which left ten dead and many people injured, the Bishop of Egypt, Mouneer Anis, has said he is “deeply saddened” by the “cowardly terrorist” attack. Bishop Mouneer convicted the attack asking everyone to pray for the families who lost their loved and the injured. 

Bishop Mouneer gave thanks to the national security and the policemen who showed great courage in fighting the attack. “It would have been much worse if it wasn’t for our brave policemen”

Let us pray for protection and safety in Egypt.


Prison Ministry Team Leads prisoners in Christmas Service

In obedience to our Lord’s command in Matthew 25, the prison ministry team along with Bishop Mouneer and some clergy visited the prisoners and led them in a Christmas service on Wednesday the 27th of December. Afterwards, the team organized a party for them allowing them to feel some of the joy the season brings. Let us remember the prisoners and their families in our prayers as we are celebrating this wonderful time of the year.


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