Gusour Cultural Center Advanced Sign Language Course

Eight people recently graduated Gusour Cultural Center’s Advanced Level II Sign Language Course. They have attended the course for two months, meeting once a week for eight hours each session. The students spent some time listening to lectures, and time practicing conversation with the deaf. After graduation, the students had a time of celebration, and they shared what they wanted to do with their new skills in the future.

Some said that they wanted to engage with the deaf in society, and others wanted to use their skills to create integration regardless of their fields. One student said she will attend church services, and interpret to help people understand more about Jesus. Two attendees work at the deaf unit, and will use their sign language ability to better engage with the children there. Others want to combine their sign language skills with their other gifts and talents. They are planning on creating painting and drawing classes for the deaf.

Gusour Cultural Center will host another sign language course for beginners that starts March 3rd. Students will meet twice a week for three hours over the course of one month.

Opening of “All Saints Music School”

On Friday, February 9th at 11:00 a.m, All Saints Cathedral choir opened the music school which teaches about “praise from the biblical point of view” with the use of instruments; Piano, Guitar, Drums and Lute, in the presence of Bishop Mouneer. The number of students exceeds 60 coming from all churches across the diocese. The opening included some introductory sessions, time of fellowship, vision sharing and prayers. In his motivating speech, Bishop Mouneer remembered his late friend, John, who shared his dream years ago. Let us pray for the success of the school and the use of those students in a spiritual revival in Egypt.

Ordination of New Clergy in the Diocese of Egypt

On Monday, 5th of February, Bishop Mouneer H. Anis along with Bishop Samy Shehata and all the clergy in Egypt gathered to ordain Deacon Hany Samir Azer as a Reverend for “Christ Light of the World Church” in Old Cairo. The ordination was crowned with the presence of Rt. Rev. Dr. John Chew, the former Bishop of Singapore.

Reverend Hany Samir Azer, born in 1977 and baptized in 1983, was ordained as a lay minister in March 2010 for Salvation Church in Suez; then as a deacon in December 2014 after his graduation from Alexandria School of Theology in 2013.

Reverend Hany is married to Sahar and has 2 children; Joseph, 17 years, and Jovany, 10 years.

Let us pray for Rev. Hany as he start a new chapter in his life that he may be a true witness of Christ to his family and his church.

Clergy gathering in their Annual Retreat

Last Tuesday, 6th of February, Bishop Mouneer H. Anis along with Rt. Rev. Dr. John Chew, the former Bishop of Singapore, led the clergy of the Diocese in Egypt in their annual retreat. The main theme was “The shepherd and the congregation”. The retreat included 5 lectures, time of fellowship and prayers. In the retreat, Rev. Dr. John lectured on shepherding through a quick scan of both testaments; starting from the gospel, going back and forth to OT and NT, then ending with Revelation. The retreat took place in Anaphora till Thursday the 8th of November.

“We need to read Psalms 22 “God, God, Why have You forsaken me!” before reading Psalms 23 “The Lord is my Shepherd” to discover the depth of sacrifice of the good shepherd, He gave Himself for us” Rev. Dr. John’s closing statement.


Youth Ministry organizes “It is your day” for Youth

On February 2nd, the youth ministry organized “It is your day” event to all youths across the Diocese in Egypt. The event used sports and drama to preach to them, and also to discover their talents. In this event, most churches participated in the program. The program included spiritual time as well as time of fellowship and sports. In the football competition, St. Mark in Menouf youth took the lead. The spiritual message, “Who is Christ for you?”, encouraged the attendees to be aware of the idols in their lives. There were 265 participants in the event which took place in “Christ the Light of the World Church”.

The Sinai Encounter Lecture by Rev. Dr. John Chew

Last night, on Tuesday, February 5th at 7:00pm, Gusour Cultural Center hosted a lecture given by Rt. Rev. Dr. John Chew. Dr. John Chew spoke on the Sinai Encounter, and its impact on different civilizations and faiths. Dr. Chew was the former Bishop of Singapore, and has studied extensively the Sinai Encounter and its widespread influence.

During his lecture, he discussed the importance of understanding the the revelation of God’s law through the 10 Commandments, regardless of religion. He described the circumstances of the revelation, and how it continues to influence civilizations and religions today.

Bishop Mouneer’s Meeting with Clergy in Gambella

Last week Bishop Mouneer visited Gambella, Ethiopia, with the intention of meeting with and listening to the clergy there as they discussed the qualities they wanted in the future new area bishop. They began with worship and time of prayer. Then the clergy shared the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the region. Bishop Mouneer was impressed by their clear thinking and their vision for the future. The clergy also discussed their hopes and dreams, and provided a detailed description of the qualifications for and qualities of the new bishop. “We want a bishop, not a visitor,” they said. The members of the clergy have a strong desire for a local bishop, not someone from Egypt or the West.

There has been incredible growth in the Horn of Africa region, and it is time to evaluate the best course of action for the future.

Please continue to pray for the Horn of Africa region during this time of selecting a new area bishop.

Training of new Sunday School Teachers

The childhood committee held a training conference for all Sunday school teachers across the Diocese from the 18th to 21st of January, 2018. The conference was attended by 55 teachers, of which 25 are new teachers, from all Anglican churches in Egypt. The conference discussed the goals for 2018 which are concerned with the whole being of the child, not only the spiritual aspect. Besides being trained on hand crafts as means of conveying the lesson, the teachers were also trained on how to tell a story to different age groups. The conference also included some lectures on Anglicanism as well as time of prayers and fellowship. Remarkably, for the first time, the conference was attended by deaf teachers. The conference was held in “Jesus Light of the World Church”. Let us take time to pray for our teachers and children.

New Medical Mission -Mariam Medical Centre- in the Church of Christ the King, Tripoli

The Church of Christ the King is committed to playing its role; serving our local and global communities as we seek to provide answers and hope that only Christ-centered care and the message of Jesus can bring to the darkest world.  By the grace of God, the Church inaugurated Mariam Medical Centre on Nov.7, 2017. MMC is accountable for overall public health promotion and medical care service of Sub Saharan refugees living in Tripoli, Libya. It aims to make sub Saharan settlements viable by improving basic health status of Nigerian in exile through its Primary Health Care centre, for disease prevention, promotion of healthier lifestyles and a cleaner environment. It currently manages and finances one health centre in Tripoli, Libya. MMC’s major challenges are in providing adequate health care to the community, particularly in urban areas. Church of Christ the King, Tripoli, Libya opened a Free Medical Consultation for Basic Hygiene and Family Health Awareness Program every Tuesdays between 9:00 am and 12.00p.m. Within a month, the around fifty patients have consulted the doctor. One of our prayers for 2018, is to see even more people receive salvation through our Medical evangelism efforts.

To read the detailed annual report of the church, please click here.

Boulaq Center Visits the elders at their homes

After celebrating Christmas with the poor and the widows, Boualq center took one more step to visit the bedridden elders. Boulaq center supports 46 bedridden elders, who may or may not have any family members to look after them, in slum areas e.g. Mostorod, Mataria, Kollaly, Sabtia, Boulaq, Toson st., Abdel-Hamid St., and Nour city. Let us pray for them as well as the elders and the family they support.

A member of Boulaq Center helping an elderly widow who has no one to look after her:


One of the most touching photos of Boulaq center; it shows 4 generations that were served by the center for more than 30 years.


Boulaq center administrator with a family member in front of the family’s residential.


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