Update from the Menara Centre for Special Needs Children

In Arabic, ‘menara’ (منارة) means lighthouse. As the only well-equipped special needs school in Menouf and the surrounding area, the Menara Centre for Special Needs Children shines hope into lives of children and their families. There are currently 36 children enrolled at the school (18 boys and 18 girls).

The Menara Centre provides pre-academic learning (to prepare the students for academic learning), academic learning, physiotherapy, speech therapy, and basic vocational training.

The centre also supports and educates parents about how to look after their children. The staff also help the children to integrate into the community. In Egypt, children with special needs are often kept at home as their family is ashamed of them. The Menara Centre aims to raise awareness in society and change these perceptions.

The children are taught practical skills which help them to become more independent. This includes washing hands, washing dishes, cooking, buying food at the markets, picking up rubbish, getting dressed, tying shoe laces, and sewing

Pray that the centre will continue to show the love of God to the children and their families.

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