Dr Frank HarpurAt the end of the 19th Century an Irish medical doctor named Frank Harpur (Harmel, as called by Egyptians) came to Egypt. Frank Harpur, motivated by the love of God and the desire to serve his fellow brothers and sisters in humanity, came to provide medical care for needy Egyptians.

Dr. Harpur founded a small hospital in Old Cairo, but soon he realized that the need for medical care increases the further one travels away from Cairo. He asked himself: “How can I reach out to these deprived areas?”After thinking, he decided to buy a sailboat (dahabia) to be the first floating hospital on the great river of Egypt. With his Harpur Floating Hospitaldahabia (floating hospital), he was able to sail to many villages where he used to set up a tent hospital. In the tent hospital he examined the patients and treated them for endemic diseases, eye diseases and various injuries.In one of his trips, Frank Harpur reached a village called el Hamoul in the Province of Menoufya. One of the elders of the village, Sheikh Bassiouny el Saidi welcomed him to set up the tents in his field. A few days later, at the time of the departure of Harpur, Sheikh Bassiouny asked him to establish a permanent hospital in the area.

Menouf, the then capital of Menoufya, was chosen to be the location for its first hospital. In this way, the welcome and hospitality of the Egyptian people joined with the love and expertise of the Irish people to form this unique hospital: Harpur Memorial Hospital, which has served the people of Menoufya since it was established in 1910. After the death of Dr. Harpur, the Episcopal / Anglican Diocese of Egypt, who owned the hospital, dedicated the hospital in his memory because he dedicated his life to serve his patients.

The story of love and giving that started 100 years ago still continues today and the journey of Dr. Harpur on the Nile of Egypt continues by good Egyptian doctors with the same spirit of love and giving.

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