Youth Ministry of the Diocese of Egypt

Egypt is at a time of change. A new Egypt is developing and leadership will key for the future shape of the Anglican Church and the communities and nation in which we seek to serve others as faithful witnesses of God’s love and mission.

In 2008, the Diocese of Egypt appointed its first Diocese Youth Co-ordinator. This role is to encourage the development of youth ministry in the churches in Egypt.

One of the key activities of the Youth Ministry is the ‘Equipping Future Leaders Course’ which equips young leaders with the insights, skills and competencies that will develop the future of the Church and of Egypt. We can either be reactive or proactive – in this course we are seeking to be proactive through building a positive, creative and constructive skills base. In Jeremiah 29:7 there is a call to God’s people in Babylon: “Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city … Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper”. In the course, we are seeking to prepare leaders for youth ministry now and for leadership in the future – we are hearing God’s call to create a future through building capacity and developing resilience and engendering a hope that will not let us down.

We are currently passing through very hard times in our country; fighting for real freedom and real opportunities for development.

Some Christian leaders are disappointed and thinking seriously of leaving Egypt and emigrating to other countries. This affects young people, and many are starting to lose hope in a good future. We need to encourage our leaders and potential leaders to stay in Egypt, and teach them to be involved positively in society.
Mark Takki
Diocese Youth Co-ordinator

The Youth Ministry also organises events which bring together youth across the churches in Egypt including the Annual Youth Conference, Youth Olympics, and Youth Pilgrimages.

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