Together for Egypt, the predecessor of Together We Develop Egypt, brought together 30 imams and 30 priests to develop relationships and to participate in community development work. They attended seminars, visited sites of religious significance, and participated in training sessions with the goal of involving youth in community development.

After the completion of Together for Egypt, the imams and priests decided to continue building better relationships and promoting peace by establishing Together We Develop Egypt. This project takes the Together for Egypt project one step further by involving another generation. In this program, one imam and one priest together lead ten youth, five Christians and five Muslims, in performing service projects that meet the needs of the local community. The program includes training workshops so youth can learn how to best use their skills and work together for the good of their country. The youth also learn how to come up with solutions to problems in their communities, how to be good leaders, and how to spread a culture of peace and tolerance. Together We Develop Egypt currently takes place in ten different areas in Egypt.





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