Health and well-being can transform our outlook on life, and our readiness to go out and make a difference. As such, health is intimately bound up with development and productivity. Healthy people make strong communities, healthy workers make a strong economy, and healthy citizens make a strong country.

We consider it a privilege to play a part in improving health outcomes for people in our neighbourhoods. We are deeply committed to our work in the field of health care, seeking to identify the areas of greatest need and propose tailored services in response.

Medical Outreach 2

The medical ministry in Egypt includes:

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What our patients say…

“We feel very comfortable here. Half of our illnesses disappear when we step inside this place. Thank you for your dedication, the care of all the nurses, doctors and staff, and your concern for the community.”

“I didn’t expect that you would treat us so well, and that you would come and serve our isolated village. Thank you!”

“My eyes were opened and I suddenly understood. I encourage all my friends to join the health classes so they can also learn how to take care of their families and promote better health in their communities.”

“As a refugee, this is the only place where I really felt accepted. I’m glad I came here for treatment and I encourage others to come as well!”

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