Nurseries run by the DioceseIn Egypt, approximately 15% of children will not enrol in primary education or will drop out early (Human Development Report 2003).

One of the key policies to achieve the Millenium Development goal of universal primary education in Egypt is to enhance the quality of early childhood education. Early childhood education is important not only for academic education, but it also contributes to physical, emotional and social development of children.

The Diocese runs nurseries for Egyptian children in nine marginalized communities:

  • Ain Shams, El Salam, Boulaq, Giza, Giza Tawabak and Ezbet El Nakhl in Cairo
  • Ras El Soda in Alexandria, and
  • Sadat City and Suez.

In addition, Refuge Egypt runs nurseries in the Maadi and Arba wa Nos suburbs for refugees in Cairo.

These nurseries provide an important learning environment for children economically disadvantaged families. The nurseries follow the Montessori system, and provide educational play for the children to help them build their intellectual and social capacity.

Most of the children are provided with breakfast each morning, and healthy eating is encouraged. Vaccinations and regular medical checkups are offered, and the staff from the nursery regularly do home visits to check on the children’s wellbeing at home.

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