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The Alexandria School of Theology (AST) is a strategic venture of the Diocese founded in 2005 in Egypt. Today, over 130 men and women, from a variety of backgrounds, are studying in Arabic at the undergraduate level on a 2-year Diploma or 4-year Bachelor Degree in Theology at our Cairo and Alexandria campuses. In addition, graduate level courses are being taught by PhD level instructors in English. In the future, we will be offering study options for those residing in North Africa and the Horn of Africa as well as short intensive courses in English.



Our Vision

The Alexandria School of Theology is committed to the mission of our Diocese, by serving the Kingdom of God and growing Christ’s church through theological and spiritual formation of Christian leaders.

Our Mission

Envisioning a growing, vibrant church, the mission of the Alexandria School of Theology is to teach, train, and form lay leaders, ordinands and clergy of our Diocese, members of the world wide Anglican Communion, and any other student who wishes to learn of Christ with us, in theological, missional and leadership skills, with a focus on mission in a pluralistic context.

Our Programs

Offer an integrated learning approach which includes academic formation (theological engagement), spiritual formation (church involvement) and mission (community engagement.

Our Campuses

Alexandria School of Theology developied two new campuses, St.Frumentius’ Theological College in Gambella, Ethiopia, and St. Cyprian College in Tunis, Tunisia.

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