St Matthew's, Addis Ababa

St Matthew’s Church in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, provides Anglican worship and ministry to a very diverse international community. On an average Sunday, it is common to have over 20 nationalities at our Sunday services, from all over Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe and America. Addis Ababa has a large number of foreign embassies, and is also the home of the African Union and the Economic Commission for Africa. Consequently there is a great diversity of people living here.

The main services at St Matthew’s are in English, but there is also Bible study in Amharic and a Nuer congregation. The rector of St Matthew’s also provides oversight to a Somali mission in another part of Addis, led by Mr Daniel Kabede. We are delighted that people from many different Christian denominations and backgrounds find a spiritual home at St Matthew’s and so enrich our life together.

St Matthew’s cares for people living in the local area in several ways. The St Matthew’s Community Library offers students a place to study and access to text books. Each school morning we feed breakfast to more than 40 children. Through our Hardship Fund, we seek to help people, especially needy members of our congregations, where we can.

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St Matthew’s Anglican Church
Queen Elizabeth Street, Addis Ababa
PO Box 109, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel: 0025-11-1123-3260
Fax: 00251-11-123-9930
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Priest: Revd Roger Kay
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