Opo Mission Centre

The Opo are a recently reached group. Their entire ethnic group numbers approximately 5,000 people. Until many of them recently became Anglican Christians they had no written language. They now have Morning Prayer and Holy Communion in their language.

The Opo have a strong desire to have the Bible in their own language. The Revd David Onuk, the priest-in-charge of Jesus the Prince of Peace Mission Centre, with help from others, has recently translated the Gospel of Mark and the Gospel of Luke into Opo. SIL International has been studying the Opo language, this, hopefully, will lead to a more thorough Bible translation project.

The Opo are fairly isolated and have to send their children out of their communities for school, where they often attend Anglican churches in other parts of Gambella. Daughter churches include: Bonga (Opo); Lungkey; Mera; Lulbare; Pamdin; and Akule III refugee camp, where Opo from South Sudan have been settled since the beginning of the civil war in South Sudan in 2013.

The Opo have recently expressed a desire to reach out to a closely-related linguistic group called the Komo, and are attempting to plant a church in a Komo village.

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