St. Frumentius Theological College, the first Anglican theological school in Ethiopia, was opened at the Gambella Anglican Centre in 2015. The college seeks to train future and existing clergy, as well as those from other denominations. The school will shape the local leaders of the church through providing theological training and spiritual formation.

The theological curriculum is divided into four main areas: history of the Bible, church history, systematic theology, and pastoral or practical theology. Students will also learn about research techniques and comparative religion.

There is an urgent need for theological training in the region of Gambella, in the west of Ethiopia. The number of churches are growing rapidly, but there are no other theological schools to train the emerging clergy.

St. Frumentius Theological College is associated with Alexandria School of Theology.

Saint Frumentius, born at Tyre in  the early fourth century, was captured as a boy and, with his brother, became the King of Axum’s slave. When he was freed he began to teach Christianity. He traveled to Alexandria to appeal for missionary priests to be sent to Axum (now a city in northern Ethiopia). He was appointed bishop and set about establishing the Church in Ethiopia, where he is credited with converting many people.

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