Bishop Mouneer opens a “Sewing Workshop” in Ezbet El-Nakhl

Last month, Bishop Mouneer opened a sewing workshop in Ezbet El-Nakhl which is a joint project between “EpiscoCare”, “Together we Develop Egypt” and “Misr El-Erada Organization”. The workshop’s idea arose after the needs assessment training for the youth participating in “Together we develop Egypt” project. These youths are led by Imam “AbdEl-Gafar” and Rev. Reda Boshra, the priest in charge of St. Paul church in Ezbet El-Nakhl. The workshop aims to support women by teaching them, especially the unemployed ones, to fix cloths and recycle the old ones.

During the opening, Mrs. Nahed, the manager of Ezbet El-Nakhl Community Center, spoke of importance of development and education. Then she represented an overview of the youths’ achievements after learning about Computers and Technology.

In his speech, Bishop Mouneer affirmed on the need of strong will and hard work to cause a difference in Egypt.

Provincial Standing Committee of “Jerusalem and the Middle East” gathers at Garden Conference Center

At the beginning of this month, the Anglican Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East met for the provincial standing committee at All Saints Garden Conference Center in Cairo. The meeting was attended by representative bishops of the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa, Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf, and Diocese of Jerusalem.

The Agenda of the meeting included; the development of a provincial canon law, updates on certain problems, provincial youth  work, provincial clergy conference, and review of structures- province and constitution. The committee also discussed the restructure of the current province due to the need of creation of a new Anglican Province of Egypt.

The members of the committee were able to represent reports, discuss challenges and spend time of fellowship. Let us pray for our leaders as they carry out those missions. May our Lord provide them strength and wisdom as He leads them in their paths.

Lord Brian Griffiths visits All Saint Cathedral

In February 2018, Lord Brian Griffiths visited All Saints Cathedral as part of his visit to Egypt where he gave a sermon named “Stranger at a strange land”. Lord Brian had also his friends, the Wareings and Phillips, come to Cairo to learn more about the Diocese’s ministries, especially Refuge Egypt and EpiscoCare. They heard stories from EpiscoCare’s micro-finance participants, and from Sudanese and Syrian refugees. They also received a tour of the Diocese compound, and visited the Deaf Unit and Coptic Cairo. Along with Bishop Mouneer, Lord Brian took part in the round table “Policies for Stability & Investment” which was moderated by Dr. Mostafa El-Feky.

In his reception, hosted by Bishop Mouneer and attended by the Director of Alexandria Library, Dr. Mostafa El-Feky; Lord Brian praised our government for the courageous decisions that most governments fear to take. He also said that the economical and political strategies Egypt following are “very good”. Lord Brian had meetings with several governmental leaders and advisers. In those meetings, Lord Brian gave lots of advise that would help improve the financial situation.

 To view the national press’ report, please click here.

Ministry of Solidarity discusses project “Together We Develop Egypt” with Bishop Mouneer and Coordinator

Upon’s Ghada Wali’s invitation, minister of solidarity, last Week, Wednesday 28th February, Bishop Mouneer H. Anis and Sheikh Selim, “Together We Develop Egypt” project coordinator, along with Ali Gomaa, chairman of trustees board of Misr El-Kheir organization, were invited to the ministry of solidarity to discuss “Together We Develop Egypt” project.

In “Together We Develop Egypt”, one imam and one priest together lead ten youth, five Christians and five Muslims, in performing service projects that meet the needs of the local community. The program includes training workshops so youth can learn how to best use their skills and work together for the good of their country. The youth also learn how to come up with solutions to problems in their communities, how to be good leaders, and how to spread a culture of peace and tolerance. Together We Develop Egypt currently takes place in ten different areas in Egypt.

After discussing the full details of the project, the minister proposed her willingness to support the project by the ministry to expand it across the country. The meeting was covered by many local newspapers; Al-Youm Al-Sabea, Al-Bawaba News, and Al-Masry El-Youm. Please, click on them to view the original articles.

Drum Circle At Gusour Culture Center

Gusour Culture Center invites you to play some percussion with Mostafa Bakkar . Come and try a new experience of getting rid of your negative energy and having some fun instead.

Fri – March 16: 
Round 1: 6-7 PM
Round 2: 7-8 PM
Round 3: 8-9 PM

Ticket price:

30 L.E.- if you have a drum.

40 L.E.- if you use Gusour’s drums.

Tickets On door.

Facebook event: Drum Circle at Gusour
Location: All Saints Cathedral; 5 Michel Lutfallah Street, behind Mariott hotel, Zamalek.

For more info, please call:
Gusour Cultural Center: 01012226710

Baroque & Impressionist Music Concert

Awtar Quartet members Khaled Saleh, Yasser Ghoneim, Mohamed Abdelfattah, and the Nicolas Latif Strings Competition 2017 winner Mohamed Ahmed are giving a FREE solo, duo, and trio concert of the 17th century Baroque music by Matteis, Vivaldi, Bach, in addition to the 20th century impressionist music by Ravel.

Don’t miss this chance and join us with your friends to experience beautiful and emotional music at the Gusour Cultural Center, All Saints Cathedral Theater.


Date and time: Friday 9th March, 7:00 – 8:00 pm

Free Entrance

For Inquiries: Please Call 01283533640
Facebook Event: Press here

Location: All Saints Cathedral; 5 Michel Lutfallah Street, behind Mariott hotel, Zamalek.

Google Map


Completion of “Together We Develop Egypt” in Port Said

On Monday 26th of February, Together We Develop Egypt celebrated the completion of the project in Port Said. The celebration was attended by Bishop Mouneer H. Anis and Bishop Tadros, Coptic Orthodox Bishop of Port Said Region and surrounding outskirts, with Al-Azhar representatives from Port Said and Ismailia, and Head of the District on behalf of General Adel Ghadban, Port Said Governor.

The celebration started with religious songs and recitation of both religions, sang by Al-Azhar representative and Canon Hany Shenoda, the priest in charge of “Church of the Epiphany”; followed by some plays including black theater and poetry. The celebration ended by distribution of certificates and honors.

In his speech, Bishop Mouneer encouraged the youth to work together positively to develop our community. “Don’t curse the dark but learn how to lighten a candle”.

The First Anglican Interfaith Commission at All Saints Garden Conference

Upon Bishop Mouneer H. Anis invitation, the Anglican Global Interfaith Commission gathers in their first gathering at All Saints Garden Conference Center. The members of the commission include bishops, reverends and lay ministers representing the different Anglican Provinces around the world.

The program of the gathering included a visit to Pop Tawadros the second, and the Grant Imam, Ahmed El- Tayeb. In the visit Pop Tawadros praised the interfaith dialogue initiated by Bishop Mouneer through different projects e.g. Together For Egypt and Together We Develop Egypt, while, Grant Imam Ahmed El- Tayeb affirmed the importance of  dialogue to accomplish peace.

The program started yesterday to last till Saturday the 24th of February. Let us pray for wisdom and God’s will to be fulfilled.

Prayer Week for Unity

Egypt Council of Churches along with the Middle East Council of Churches are praying for unity for a week starting from 15th Feb, 2018 to 22nd Feb, 2018. The prayers are going to be held in different churches, members of both councils. Come and join us for prayers on Monday 19th Feb, 2018 in All Saints Cathedral at 6: 30 pm. To view the  full program, please click here.

Youth Ministry organizes “It is your day” for Youth

On February 2nd, the youth ministry organized “It is your day” event to all youths across the Diocese in Egypt. The event used sports and drama to preach to them, and also to discover their talents. In this event, most churches participated in the program. The program included spiritual time as well as time of fellowship and sports. In the football competition, St. Mark in Menouf youth took the lead. The spiritual message, “Who is Christ for you?”, encouraged the attendees to be aware of the idols in their lives. There were 265 participants in the event which took place in “Christ the Light of the World Church”.

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