Serving God through Serving People

Afaf Wilson is working as a healthcare program coordinator in the Madent El Salam development center directed by EpiscoCare. Afaf grew up in the El Zatoun district of Cairo. She lived with her parents, and her sister and three brothers. She used to go to the Orthodox Church, and when she was older she served in the Sunday school. After her marriage, she moved to live in the Ein Shams district of Cairo. It is a slum area with a huge population. There are many churches from all denominations, as well as many mosques. Afaf is mother to two children; a boy in 6th grade and a girl in 4th grade.


Afaf is participating in the implementation of the health program supported by ABM at the EpiscoCare development center for the people of Madinet El Salam. She works in the health care activities helping pregnant women and sick children improve their health. She likes organizing and participating in the healthcare awareness meetings that improve peoples’ knowledge and awareness in order to protect themselves from diseases.

The major challenges her beneficiaries face are related to their unhealthy practices, which affect the health of their children, and the difficulty of changing people`s bad habits and attitudes. Afaf said that implementing her work is challenging. “Sometimes we face challenges when we implement the investigation labs for the children, when their mothers refuse and feel worried about their children, so we let mothers attend the investigations with their children themselves”. What motives Afaf to continue her work is her faith in God. She spends a lot of time serving the Lord in her church. “The spirit of service is to walk with my internal life,” Afaf said. Her work as health care coordinator, however, is not less important than what she does in the church. In contrast, she believes that her work is stronger because she can serve both Muslims and Christians.

Afaf is motivated by the improvement in her beneficiaries’ health conditions. This gives her the hope and motivation to go on. Afaf said “I never feel like I should give up because the programs and activities are serving people, and focused on the marginalized groups such as women and children who always need support”. Afaf helps pregnant women to have healthy babies and healthy follow ups. She also helps children who are suffering from anemia and worms. Through providing women with  awareness meetings, she helps them exchange their unhealthy practices for healthy ones, such as preparing healthy food for their children and developing personal hygiene practices.

Afaf mentioned that “working as a team in the development center supports me in overcoming all of the challenges we face”. Afaf’s dream is to increase the community’s awareness and capabilities in fighting diseases and being able to protect themselves from threats through offering holistic services for the community of Madinet El Salam, either through healthcare or improving the environment.

Bishop Mouneer opens a “Sewing Workshop” in Ezbet El-Nakhl

Last month, Bishop Mouneer opened a sewing workshop in Ezbet El-Nakhl which is a joint project between “EpiscoCare”, “Together we Develop Egypt” and “Misr El-Erada Organization”. The workshop’s idea arose after the needs assessment training for the youth participating in “Together we develop Egypt” project. These youths are led by Imam “AbdEl-Gafar” and Rev. Reda Boshra, the priest in charge of St. Paul church in Ezbet El-Nakhl. The workshop aims to support women by teaching them, especially the unemployed ones, to fix cloths and recycle the old ones.

During the opening, Mrs. Nahed, the manager of Ezbet El-Nakhl Community Center, spoke of importance of development and education. Then she represented an overview of the youths’ achievements after learning about Computers and Technology.

In his speech, Bishop Mouneer affirmed on the need of strong will and hard work to cause a difference in Egypt.

Ezbet El-Nakhl initiative trains youths in technology

Ezbet El-Nakhl initiative of “Together we develop Egypt” project, together with Ezbet El-Nakhl center of EpiscoCare, the NGO of the Anglican Diocese of Egypt which aims to promote sustainable development and address poverty; agreed to educate the youths of Ezbet El-Nakhl and Al-Matria districts in technology. The training program included, one, computer skills to prepare them for “International Computer Driving License- ICDL” certificate which is mandatory for the market place. The project administration is currently working with the ministry of solidarity on certificate accreditation. Two, the program included hardware repair trainings, raising their employment chances. These professional trainings were provided with subsidized fees.

Boulaq Center Visits the elders at their homes

After celebrating Christmas with the poor and the widows, Boualq center took one more step to visit the bedridden elders. Boulaq center supports 46 bedridden elders, who may or may not have any family members to look after them, in slum areas e.g. Mostorod, Mataria, Kollaly, Sabtia, Boulaq, Toson st., Abdel-Hamid St., and Nour city. Let us pray for them as well as the elders and the family they support.

A member of Boulaq Center helping an elderly widow who has no one to look after her:


One of the most touching photos of Boulaq center; it shows 4 generations that were served by the center for more than 30 years.


Boulaq center administrator with a family member in front of the family’s residential.


Boulaq Center celebrates Christmas with the poor and the widows

On Wednesday 3rd of January, Bishop Mouneer along with Boulaq Center Team celebrated Christmas with the poor families and the widows. More than 125 ladies, of which more than 70 are widows, and around 70 children attended the celebration. The celebration started by words of prayers led by the Bishop. “What does Christmas mean? Why did Jesus come to earth?” was his message to the ladies. Afterwards, Bishop Mouneer honored 4 volunteers help in the center; Mariam Gaballa, Samira Masoud, Nema Shafik and Madona Samy. Because of their gratitude, Bishop Mouneer was surprised by “Thank You” gift from Mario, a blind child sponsored by Boulaq Center. At the end of the celebration, Christmas gifts were distributed to the families and the children.

Let us pray for the center as they do the good work of the Lord. Let us also pray for;

  • Heba’s family as her son recently became a drug addict after very difficult situations he encountered.
  • Marline, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer after being married for just few months.
  • Catherine and Beshara, a couple who were diagnosed to have Hepatitis C. This recent discovery will affect their work opportunities and their treatment costs 500 L.E. per month, more than what they can afford.

Christmas Party in All Saints Cathedral Nursery for and by the children

On Thursday December 28th, All Saints Cathedral Nursery organised a Christmas party for the children  in which the children sang 4 songs. 5 professional clowns presented purposeful magic games aiming behavior modification. At the end of the party Santa distributed personal gift to each child.

Meet Our Staff:

Our kids wising you a happy new year:

Boulaq Center 2017 Newsletter

The latest news from the Boulaq Center is now available online below. Boulaq Center, belongs to EpiscoCare, cares for the widows and their marginalized families. Please take time to read, learn, and pray for those who serve Christ through this wonderful ministry.

Link: Boulaq Center 2017 Newsletter

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