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St Luke’s Gambella

St Luke’s was the first Anglican congregation in the Gambella region outside of a refugee camp. The priest in charge of St Luke’s in the Rev Peter Kuel.

The church is located in Gambella (the capital of the Gambella region) and has a long-standing relationship with St Matthew’s Anglican Church in Addis Ababa. Although attendance at St Luke’s is steady, there is a need for more Christian education of the adult members of the congregation. Ministry to children is good and is in fact a model for the rest of the area. St Luke’s is currently planting a new congregation in Gambella, known as Living Water Anglican Church.

This Mission Center is also responsible for four new churches in the Jewi Refugee camp, including Word of God Anglican Church and Bible Anglican Church. The Bishop visited Jewi Refugee camp in July 2016 and confirmed 250 people and licensed Mr Daniel Wuor Tap, who will be ordained Deacon in November 2016.

St. Luke’s has a kindergarten in the old church building. 300 children gather here every day. The congregation is hoping to add another two classrooms in order to accommodate all the children.