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St John the Evangelist Dimma

Dimma is a gold-mining area in the southernmost part of the Gambella region. The first Anglican church in Dimma was planted in a refugee camp, which is no longer there. Most of the people who were in that refugee camp were Dinka and have now been repatriated to Sudan. When they left Dimma, they gave their church to the local Anuak people.

The original traditional church building was destroyed by termites and a new structure was built in early 2013. The lay pastor is Mr Peter Ojulu. The congregation has also an outreach program to the Tama-Koi people, an unreached people group. A new refugee camp in the region has Nuer, Murle, Anuak, and Dinka people who have decided to gather to form one Anglican church, known as Holy Family.

Other Anglican churches in the surrounding villages include: Church of the Resurrection, Gedu; Church of the Cross, Markes; and Remu.