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St John the Baptist Sherkole

Sherkole Refugee Camp, located in the north of Gambella, opened in 1997.

The priest-in-charge of St. John the Baptist, Sherkole is the Revd Isaac Momma. St John’s is primarily Mabaan, a Sudanese people-group, many of whom are now being repatriated to South Sudan. The Mabaan are acknowledged by all to be the best singers in Gambella! The sermon on Sunday is also translated into Arabic for the sake of other Sudanese people groups in the congregation. St John the Baptist also has a growing number of Jum-Jum people who are members of the congregation.

St John’s daughter church, in a different section of the camp, is Christ the King Anglican Church, a lively Dinka congregation, served by Deacon Gabriel. The Dinka are the largest people group in South Sudan. Sermons at Christ the King are also translated into Arabic.

New Mabaan and Dinka-speaking congregations have now been planted in the Sorre refugee camp.