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The Horn of Africa Episcopal Area includes work in four countries: EthiopiaSomaliaEritrea and Djibouti.


The vast majority of the Anglicans in this area are in the Gambella region of Ethiopia. The (approximately 70) congregations are divided into 11 Mission Centres, with 3 or 4 new Mission Centres under development. These Gambella churches are served by 16 clergy and a number of lay readers. These churches worship in a variety of languages including Anywak, Dinka, Nuer and Opo. English-speaking churches in the Episcopal Area serve both ex-patriates and Africans who use English for a variety of reasons. These churches include St Matthew’s in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and St George’s in Asmara, Eritrea. A new English-speaking congregation has recently formed in Mekele in northern Ethiopia. The Area also includes Somali-speaking Christians.


As well as a promoting a church life centred on worship and teaching, the Episcopal Area is also involved in literacy training, training school teachers in non-violent conflict resolution, providing libraries where school children can study, sports ministry, agricultural projects and community-based health care.

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