The Diocesan Clergy attend the Church Council of Egypt Clergy Conference: The Pastoral Ministry

On Tuesday November 20, the Anglican clergy of the Diocese of Egypt, along with the Coptic Orthodox, Catholic, Evangelical, and the Roman Orthodox clergy; took part in the Church Council of Egypt annual clergy conference. The main theme of the conference was ‘The Pastoral Ministry’ and the skills required. In the conference, the clergy were able to share their pastoral experiences and challenges. The clergy were also able to enjoy time of fellowship and prayers.

Bishop Mouneer Anis, Bishop of the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa, shared about the importance of the pastor-hood ministry in the church today. He also spoke about the increasing need of the pastor-hood ministry to youths who constantly need someone to hear them and guide them. Bishop Mouneer ended his sharing by passing on an advice to the young pastors; which is to schedule time for council and mentoring otherwise it could be missed.

Let us take time to pray for our clergy as they try to pastor us. May God fill them with His grace and give them the wisdom to guide His people.


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