First Commencement Exercise for the Masters of Arts in Leadership and Management

On Friday, the 28th of April, the Diocese of Egypt along with Vision International University and Church Mission Society in England celebrated the graduation of the first commencement of the Masters of Arts in Leadership and Management composed of 5 graduates. The Masters program started in April 2016 to extend to 2 years and it aimed to teach the students the following;

  1. The Deepen awareness and better understanding of one’s self and with the capabilities, gifts, and graces that God blesses each person with to serve and glorify His name in all life circles.
  2. The importance of clarifying the visions and goals of both the personal and professional levels to achieve real progress and development in our personal and professional life.
  3. The persistence, doing hard efforts, and commitment of doing the regular daily duties, responsibilities, and commitments in family, work, and relations, will remain the way to achieve personal growth and professional change on the long term. The personal and professional maturity happens throughout the daily persistence, insistence, and commitment in all the different life situations and exercises.
  4. Rearranging priorities of life.
  5. The importance with the practices of planning, organizing, preparing, and continuous evaluating to achieve real progress in the reality of our life based on clear and visions and goals.
  6. Clarifying the rules, systems, polices, and performance indicators of our organizations, will be incomplete unless the commitment with team work that follows common vision, real values, mutual trust, participation in making decisions , and seeking for growth and continuing education through accepting different perspectives either those we agree with or we don’t.
  7. Leadership and management are not only sciences and theories based only upon the mental abilities or process, but also conscious, spirits, open heart able to aware, feel, attention and making mature choices.
  8. To face the difficulties, challenges, and sometimes frustrations and disappointments in work, family, and relations and in life.

With words of welcome and encouragement, Bishop Mouneer inaugurated the celebration thanking all the audience for their presence in the special ceremony encouraging leaders to work on their personal development. “Churches and Organizations don’t expand for the absence of true Christian leaders.”

In his Speech, Ibrahim Nagy, Program Director in EpiscoCare, on behalf of his colleagues, thanked his Mentors and professors, Dr. Brain Van Deventer, Dr. Gail Stathis,  and Dr. Tanas Al Qasis, for the life- changing knowledge and their personal experiences that they shared openly for the benefit of the class.”Through the marsh of our life and particularly within the last two years we really touched and experienced God`s deepen support and His working in our life according to His loving care for each one of us according to His fully goodness will for us.”

While honoring the graduates, Dr. Brain Van Deventer encouraged them to “Take the word to the world.”

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