Together we develop Egypt celebrates the graduation of Menya youth

On 13th March, “Together we develop Egypt” celebrated the graduation of 500 youths, from Menya, who were trained in human resources with the cooperation of youth ministry. During the celebration, the youths spoke about their experiences and the change they witnessed in the society through these projects; and the achievements of the youths in many locations in Menya were presented. Those were;

  1. Illiteracy Classes in Malawy.
  2. Painting houses of Der Abo Hassan village.
  3. First Aids Training to youth of Delga village.
  4. Medical outreaches, village cleaning and lighting streets of Badraman village.
  5. Supporting women through providing a workplace fully-equipped with sewing machines to help fix and recycle old cloths in Falaheen village.
  6. Cleaning and painting of 25 January and Sadat schools through the students of the two schools.

Unexpectedly, the youths announced their approval to President Sisi who works on community development and achieving peace. They, also, honoured the martyrs from police and army who sacrificed themselves for the sake of protecting our country, Egypt.

The local leaders, clergy, as well as Bishop Samy Shehata, Area Bishop of North Africa, and Mr. Ahmed Salah, Misr El-Kheir organization’s office manager in Menya, took part in the ceremony. The program included a blessing song for Egypt, sang by one of the students. “Blessed are the peacemakers because they manifest one of the principles of God’s Kingdom” Bishop Samy declared. Meanwhile, Sheikh Mahmoud Gomaa spoke about spreading love and peace among all individuals.

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