Menya Initiative Invests in Ecology of Surrounding Community

On Thursday, 8th of March, “Together we develop Egypt” proclaimed the success of the project in Menya when the girls of 2 high schools, 25th of January High School and Sadat High School, effectively carried out their initiative of beautifying their school and the surrounding neighborhood; through cleaning the area, planting trees, painting walls, and placing wasting bins using their pocket money to buy the materials.


The girls took awareness sessions in ecology, protecting public property, and in being responsible towards our country, as part of “Together we develop Egypt” activities; besides the regular trainings in human resources and needs assessment.

The principles of the 2 schools, impressed with the positive change of the girls in the local community, expressed their appreciation to Bishop Mouneer H. Anis and the Grant Mofti Ali Gomaa for their contributions to make this project happen.

The initiative took the attention of the local press because of its influence on the community.

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