Lord Brian Griffiths visits All Saint Cathedral

In February 2018, Lord Brian Griffiths visited All Saints Cathedral as part of his visit to Egypt where he gave a sermon named “Stranger at a strange land”. Lord Brian had also his friends, the Wareings and Phillips, come to Cairo to learn more about the Diocese’s ministries, especially Refuge Egypt and EpiscoCare. They heard stories from EpiscoCare’s micro-finance participants, and from Sudanese and Syrian refugees. They also received a tour of the Diocese compound, and visited the Deaf Unit and Coptic Cairo. Along with Bishop Mouneer, Lord Brian took part in the round table “Policies for Stability & Investment” which was moderated by Dr. Mostafa El-Feky.

In his reception, hosted by Bishop Mouneer and attended by the Director of Alexandria Library, Dr. Mostafa El-Feky; Lord Brian praised our government for the courageous decisions that most governments fear to take. He also said that the economical and political strategies Egypt following are “very good”. Lord Brian had meetings with several governmental leaders and advisers. In those meetings, Lord Brian gave lots of advise that would help improve the financial situation.

 To view the national press’ report, please click here.

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